To UniteBlue Members on Ideological Purity Tests, AKA WTF Did You Just Tweet!?

I probably should have added this page a long time ago, but it hasn’t been until recently that ideological purity issues have come up with me specifically. I’ve watched various flareups among UniteBlue [hereafter referred to as UB] members from a bemused distance. I find it not even slightly “bemusing” now it has landed on my doorstep. So now that my ox is being gored,  here is my response to this issue.

I fully support your right to red meat, knee jerk, reactionary, sloganeering, jingoistic, yellow dog democracy on your timeline, on twitter, or wherever else you may participate on social media. I reject your efforts to bully, intimidate, harass, or otherwise instruct me on how I should conduct the information dissemination on mine. If you don’t like my content, feel free to unfollow me at the earliest opportunity.

I don’t expect it to be reasonable that everyone will agree with me all the time. I do expect that you will at least consider the information offered in what I consider to be thoughtful and nuanced articles and then if you disagree, by all means, share your objections with me. If you explain your reasoning, provide valid contradictory information, I’m perfectly capable of adjusting my views. If you scream at me you will get what all assholes get. The block.

Finally, a note to all those UB’ers whose sole raison d’etre is to defend our beloved president, Barack Obama~

I campaigned for him. I voted for him. I celebrated the historic moment he was sworn into office. I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see a black man elected to high office. I’ve watched with dismay and disgust the antics of a racist and obstructionist GOP who vilify and excoriate him at every opportunity. I’ve defended him publicly and without hesitation. That does not, however, make him immune from criticism when he pursues policies counter to the public welfare. When I oppose a POLICY it is NOT because I don’t respect Mr. Obama as a man or a politician. It is because he is the peoples choice and as President, meant to represent the WILL of the PEOPLE. I followed you knowing your views, and accepting your right to hold them. I expect the same courtesy in return. If you can’t, be on your way with the quickness. Life is too short to waste energy on fighting with “supposed” allies.


4 Responses to To UniteBlue Members on Ideological Purity Tests, AKA WTF Did You Just Tweet!?

  1. I haven’t experienced much of what’s troubled you, but hostility & misunderstandings are an inherent risk of text interactions :without the nonverbal we usually take for granted, we can all become less understanding & more aggressive. Especially in a campaign season we need unity & civility. I have ceased criticizing our POTUS for two reasons: first because he’s close to the end of his run & can’t do much more in any case. Second because I’d rather not feed the beast that is the anti-O hysterical hate of GOP campaigning. I feel nothing but total sympathy for those disappointed with or angry with O, and see no justification for anyone’s abuse. Hang in there!

    • P Yew says:

      I understand your desire to not give right wingers ammunition for memes or talking points. It’s gone beyond the bounds of rationaity, now. If his hair were on fire they’d accuse him of burning things without a permit. [I get that] Their position is unrelenting. It’s deliberate. It won’t change until he is gone from office. Given that circumstance, I don’t feel what leverage I develop in opposition to a policy will make a difference for Republicans, but it might be persuasive to my fellow Democrats. I don’t often criticise PBO, but when I do, it is on things that I can’t keep quiet on. They’re too important to ignore.
      Thanks for your encouragement!

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