I’m Tired of Harris and Dawkins, but Not For the Reasons You Might Think~

I usually stay out of the thick of the social justice warrior fray because I think it’s a colossal waste of time defending or attacking someone who agrees or disagrees with  something someone said that doesn’t fit the paradigm of whomever is being thoroughly offended at the time.  We all know what the triggers are. There’s feminism, racism, sexism, islamophobia, misogyny, gaming, elevators, ableism, privilege, trans phobia, victim shaming, cishet, and a litany of others I haven’t heard of yet, but are sure to give me a migrane.

The epitome of offensiveness is now to be seen or heard agreeing with something Harris or Dawkins might have said or is construed to have said past or present.  Those who still bother to read Salon [et al] have seen the daily burning in effigy of whomever is the target du jour.  It’s not enough to disagree with their ideas, it is de rigueur to trash their reputation,  attack those who are associated with them,  malign them at every opportunity, all in an effort to achieve complete compliance with SJW norms.  Everything about it is scorched earth.  It’s bad enough when the religious do it, I expect it of them. We’ve gone too far when we treat our allies in that way. Fond comparisons are often made of the “old atheists” who were pioneers and brilliant thinkers, kings of rational thought.

The people who do this demonstrate an astounding ignorance of historical fact.  Not one of those “OG’s” lived an exemplary life, and much of their thinking has been replaced with newer contemporary ideas.  Nietzsche, Kant, Hegel, and Feuerbach, all contributed to Marxist ideology.  No atheist that I know of is fond of where that lead.  Pick a philosopher, do a little research, you’ll find feet of clay more often than not.  Does that mean we must discard all progress they fostered? No, we build on the good ideas and discard the rest. Who they are as a person is irrelevant. We can be thankful for the work they put into their lives that enrich ours in some way today.

So unless what someone says or does is criminal, or flies in the face of civilized behaviour I’m going to continue to listen to the opinions, consider the facts, and if they make sense to me, I’m going to agree or disagree as the case may be.  I refuse to be shackled to small minded “correctness” and disavow the public figures who have contributed to the progress we now enjoy as atheists. I will defend good ideas.

You should too.


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3 Responses to I’m Tired of Harris and Dawkins, but Not For the Reasons You Might Think~

  1. john zande says:

    Same thing with Feynman. No one can doubt his genius, but there was a rather ghastly underbelly of sexism which distracted from his ideas.

    Must say, though: islamophobia is such a bizarre thing. If anything, Islam has a phobia about positively everything that isn’t Islam.

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