A #Call To #Moderate #Muslims #Dawah #Islam

I talk to many muslims on social media. Often the subject comes up about extremism and violence, invariably they distance themselves from those who are hostile to others who do not practice beliefs in the way they think are the true ways set forth by the Prophet M. I would like muslims to help me to understand:

1) How the extremists are not the public face of Islam.

2) I would like to know how we can support those who claim to be different in     freely living their lives and worshipping Allah as they see fit.

So I’m hoping to open a dialog here, for anyone who would like to speak their mind, muslim and non-muslim alike.  For the purposes of this post [only], I’ll publish comments unedited, including those who might be considered abusive.  It will be an opportunity for you to be heard and if what you say is ignorant or obnoxious, know that you will be highlighted as a direct reflection of the views you represent. I will not publish threats and if they are made I will turn that commenters information over to the proper authorities for investigation and prosecution.

It would be very helpful for you to answer the polling questions to get an idea of where you fit in on the scale of liberal to fundamentalist Islam. There will be questions for non-muslims as well. Please answer only the questions that apply to you and your respective belief/non belief.  [vote once per question, please.]


I may add questions as the conversation takes on focus, and based on what turns up in the comments.  The polls will close in a week. I think this is a conversation long overdue.




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6 Responses to A #Call To #Moderate #Muslims #Dawah #Islam

  1. john zande says:

    Let’s see what conversations roll.

    The silence of “moderate” Muslims is deafening and worrying because here, among their ranks, are people who seriously want to reverse 400 years of scientific advancement.

    • P Yew says:

      I have personally approached individuals, so far no interest in responding. It’s unfortunate because this would be a golden opportunity for muslims to allay any concerns and help to get integrated into society as a whole. They could go a long way in building support or rapport in the atheist community. Or at least set the record straight.

  2. goaloflifeadmin says:

    where is the non silence of moderate Jews and Christians at the slaughter of palestinians, muslims , christians, at the hands of the western funded ISIS?…..

  3. goaloflifeadmin says:

  4. Hizer A. Mir says:

    Please have a read of my blog for a take on liberal Islam: [Link redacted]

  5. P Yew says:

    Hizer~ Here’s what I’m willing to do considering you put minimal effort in joining the conversation. I’ll redact the link to your blog, and if you have a specific post on the topic being discussed HERE then make another comment and I’ll post the link.


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