Who Doesn’t Like A Good Meme?

Anyone seen this circulating social media?


Christians love it.  If only it were true.  Like all the other fabrications they are fond of spreading, this one is demonstrably false.  There’s been a fair amount of research from reputable scholars, both believers and non believers alike. They all came to the same conclusion.

Where did this come from? Serial confabulator David Barton recently re-popularized it in his 1989 book “The Myth of Separation”. When confronted, he admitted he was just making shit up.


I highly recommend reading the entire article, “The Right’s Library of Fake Quotes” from which the above quote is taken.


So I shared the research with a gentleman on twitter a while ago, and today I see him still using it, and I can see why. A gold mine of retweets and favs.

Evidently some would rather have a lie than the truth.  I wonder why?


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Retired amateur pundit.
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One Response to Who Doesn’t Like A Good Meme?

  1. john zande says:

    If you have to lie just to create your case, then you’ve already lost.

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