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Who Doesn’t Like A Good Meme?

Anyone seen this circulating social media? Christians love it.  If only it were true.  Like all the other fabrications they are fond of spreading, this one is demonstrably false.  There’s been a fair amount of research from reputable scholars, both … Continue reading

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Presuppositional Questions From #Christians Part II

Today’s post is part II of Presuppositional Questions by Christians. I found it originally on Godless Cranium and the questions come from Carm. I’ve combined like questions for cogency and brevity. Some of these questions are good ones for atheists … Continue reading

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Presuppositional Questions from Christians Part I

Godless Cranium has an interesting post on a survey/study by CARM on his blog today. I got me to thinking and out of my slough of inactivity here. Whether deliberate or not questions are often formed from inside the framework … Continue reading

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