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“The Highest Road” Author Aubrey Benmark Walks Across America

I met the most charming young lady today. I’m all the better for having made her acquaintance.  She reminded me of the days when I felt passionate enough about something to forge ahead into a seemingly impossible task and damn … Continue reading

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Why Political Appointees Are Useless In implementing Systemic Change

The VA scandal has passed from the public eye, but here and there I still find ongoing conversations mostly from liberal activists and veterans who carry the torch. The knee jerk reaction was, of course, for the Hon. Mr Shinseki … Continue reading

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The Anatomy Of A Christian Mindset

While surfing twitter the other day, I noticed a gentleman soliciting interviews from atheists. I’m always wary of christians bearing gifts of goodwill toward their fellow man while proselytizing for jesus. So I asked I asked a couple questions, got … Continue reading

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It’s Very Important Not To Mistake Hemlock For Parsley

I read a lot of recent atheist opinions about the “imminent collapse” of religion.  It’s certainly positive thinking, and a boon for society to no longer cling to ignorance, fear and superstition, but there’s an element of whistling past the graveyard … Continue reading

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