Who Has A Solution to Protesters Outside Abortion Clinics?

It has become very apparent with the recent Supreme Court decision to eliminate buffer zones that innovate thinking is required to find solutions to ensure the safety and peace of mind of women seeking health care at clinics that offer abortions.  If you have a good idea, please share it here, more importantly, share it with the world. We need to at least have the conversation. The sooner we can effect change, the better.

My solution is a costly one, and difficult to implement in clinics that are already established.  It should be given due consideration for areas of new construction, however.  Instead of the “storefront” concept or business model, that relies on walk-in consumers, clinics should be built on private property with no direct public access and no signs indicating the purpose of the building.  Appointments are made electronically, or via the phone, and patients are delivered to and from their appointments via dispatched transportation not unlike airport limo or taxi service.  Vehicular traffic would be admitted by security personnel in a gated area with no sidewalk nearby.  Protesters who trespass would then be subject to arrest for their criminal behavior and patients would have a harassment free experience during what is already a stressful time in their lives. 

Got any ideas? I’d love to hear them.


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3 Responses to Who Has A Solution to Protesters Outside Abortion Clinics?

  1. Your idea makes practical sense. Access must be free and safe. I admit one of my ideas is more confrontational. Simply picket the churches the protesters attend each Sunday, offering “counseling” and large photos of thinkers, scientists and other freethinkers. . .or something. Do unto others can be practiced in reverse. Not sure who could commit to giving up sleeping in on Sundays.

    • P Yew says:

      Your idea certainly has a greater emotional appeal. I still have days I want to go dance on Freddy Phelps grave. But I’ve dedicated my thinking to strategies that remove conservatives from the levers of power, and promote pluralistic society within the bounds of the law. If I had an “in” with money people, I’d get them to donate the funds to get the first one started. It would serve as a template for all 50 states.
      Thanks for the visit.

      • Yes, promoting pluralistic society, is good and reasonable. What angers me is, we’re talking about a private Medical procedure! What if most of these occurred in hospitals? Do public, or private, hospitals allow protests that harass patients?! I would think those facilities would have clear policies in place with effective security. It’s just hard to fathom that patients, in a modern country, need escorts! Free speech that threatens the freedom of another can’t be sustained. I support your question and challenge.

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