Tweetdeck Users Can Filter Spam On Searches

Anyone who relies on search for specific subjects like atheism or atheist to stay in touch with the skeptic community knows that for a while now islamic spamming is a problem that seems to be getting worse with time, and no apparent solutions at hand other than to give up using the hashtag. I read a blog post from “The Athefist” Aka @GRIMACHU on twitter.  That got me on a wee thinky, and I think I have a solution, albeit an imperfect one. I may lose some legit tweeters but I think I’ve managed to filter the worst of the phuquewits out.



Expand content:



In “Excluding” add key words only common to spamming tweets, rinse-repeat as needed. Good luck! I hope you find it helpful.

Update: 6/5/14

Tweetdeck has updated its software to add “Mute in Tweetdeck” as an option when you click on the user icon next to the Tweet button. [See highlighted areas in graphic] It has the advantage of not blocking or reporting a user, it merely filters all that users tweets from the search/TL.  I find it quite useful for ridding myself of the hundreds of spam bots generated by both eDialogue and religionists.



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