A Smattering of Doggrel

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~The Future~

Understanding future possibilities.

That why I leap, so there’s no going back,

just falling into a belief you don’t really die when you dream.

I sleep dreamless, like a log.

No future,  just an ending,

smooth and scaly like the Ouroborous of old.



Morning spent

an afternoon

writing yesterday



~Secret Garden~

The sun’s up in the usual place.

There’s teethbrushing and eggs over easy-

classes to attend, homework to ignore.

Hohum afternoon.

Tween teethbrushing and bedtime story,

something extraordinary happened.

No shiver of prescience, or raven flapping at the window.

I look up, time stands still.

Not absolutely still,

slowed to the place in time

spirits soar transcended.

I’m caught between one breath and another.

She smiles secret promises on my heart.

I suppose she said something-

I can’t find an answer.

I’m too busy swimming in the sea foam green of her eyes.

Something works its way to my forebrain

lesser parts of my psyche dance and grunt by crackling firelight.

A scent.

I long to spend an eternity in the garden

that grew those flowers.



About Egg Zackly

Retired amateur pundit.
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5 Responses to A Smattering of Doggrel

  1. john zande says:

    A girl who butters he muffin in an unusual way…. Brilliant!

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