Faithers, the new wave of atheist criticism

Beyond the mindless sychophantic chorus of the indoctrinated, there are a percentage of unscrupulous who actively work to A.) promote the fallacies of christianity and B.) discredit atheism and anything that supports it using deliberate lies and sophistry. The new tip of the spear in that effort is to promote the thinking of Paul Karl Feyerabend. They don’t mention him by name, but a quick familiarization of his writing will help you to recognize it in “faither” arguments. It is a two pronged attack. Feyerabend’s thesis is his anarchistic view of science and his rejection of the existence of universal methodological rules. (Primarily Empiricism) He is an influential figure in the “philosophy” of science, and also in the “sociology” of scientific knowledge. Feyerabend’s position was originally seen as radical because it implies that philosophy can neither succeed in providing a general description of science, nor in devising a method for differentiating products of science from non-scientific entities like myths. [In other words, allowing for woo and religion to have the same standing and credibility as Empiricism] Feyerabend’s position also implies that philosophical guidelines should be ignored by scientists, if they are to aim for progress. Things brings me back to the spate of faither trolling I’ve noticed on the atheism hashtags. You’ve all seen it. “I wish I had the *faith* to be an atheist” nonsense. Many that use it haven’t fully comprehended the implications of the whole argument, but there are those few who make a hard case combining it with Feyerabands’s ideas of philosophy trumping science. We ignore not understanding it at our peril.


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