Theist Canard of the Day: The Ontological Argument

Will_Antonin  on TwitterThe only thing theists love more than pseudo science, is pseudo intellectualism in the guise of philosophy. It is the prime tool used against the unwary to make an argument in support of a false conclusion.   A good rule of thumb for skeptics to follow: When you see the terms “a priori” and “ontological argument” you may substitute the words “magical thinking” (long article well worth the read) in their place.   It can be summed up by a simple truism. Theists at the limits of their knowledge will invoke god having no other logical explanation.  An atheist is content to say “given the best information I have at hand, I conclude so and so. I’m willing to re-evaluate my conclusions when better data is presented.”  Apologists will routinely reject any information that does not fit their assertions.  Another favorite device from the god squad is the “if this is so, then that is so” template from classic philosophical reasoning. It relies on rationalism. You often hear the Craig-ites say, if you find a watch on the street, you can deduce that it is not naturally occurring, therefore someone made it, often in reference to intelligent design.  Which brings us to the gentleman in the graphic above, the star of our canard of the day.

If the theist must grapple with why god allows tragedy, then the atheist must ask why such acts are ontologically *wrong*.”

I think this was probably written in reply to (many) someone(s) who make characterizations like “god allows children to die in heinous mass shooting”  or things similar to that.  (I can’t know what the author was thinking, just my best guess.) I can dissect what he wrote and point out the many errors in logic.

I’m sure if he had thought his statement through, he may have worded it differently. This is an emotional response

A: (defending almighty god)

B: (putting the unfair onus of justifying inexplicable acts on the atheist where it belongs because theists have no good answers for why omnipotent beings can’t seem to maintain good order.)


C: (use magical thinking to provide an answer.)

But wait! There’s more. And this exposes how twisted theistic thinking really is.  The key implication is this: because god *allows* tragedy to happen, it’s not wrong. Unless you atheists can prove it of course. He should spend some time reading the Old Testament. Oh wait, he probably has.




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