New Gun Law the NRA will Hate! (AND it will create jobs)

Everyone (by that I mean reasonable people) is in a state of shock and mourning over the recent tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut.  With it has come the attendant conversation well meaning folk have about gun control. The common thread throughout is, there aught to be a law, tighter control, less guns available, and so on.  Try this idea on for size. See how you like it.

Gun ownership should be like owning and driving a vehicle. The states require that *before* you put a vehicle on the road, it be licensed, registered, and insured. You are required a probationary period where you get training, are limited to use other than in the presence of a qualified individual who supervises you for a period of time.

Take that model and apply it to gun ownership. Anyone desiring to own a gun must license, register, and *insure* it. They must be trained in the safe way to handle a firearm, meet federal and state guidelines in the safe handling and storage of those guns, and ammunition.  Additionally, owners need to pass a battery of psychological tests annually, to certify them to be of sound mind. Mentally ill and emotionally unstable people will not be allowed the privilege of owning a gun. As part of the licensing process, guns will be test fired and the ballistics data entered into  NIBIN, the. National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.  Those who commit a crime or allow (through personal negligence) their firearm to be used in the commission of a crime will be held equally criminally liable in the eyes of the law.

This will raise the cost of owning a gun enough to lower overall use. Fees and taxes collected will be used to administer the program. Insurance would pay for damage and personal injury.   Anyone who knows Bernie Sanders should suggest this to him. He might go for it.


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