Vote your personal interest

Vote your personal interest!  I’m not going to mention any candidates by name, just point out what the logical consequences of your vote will be in what could be the most crucial election of this decade. There’s a narrative out there that we “need” business to run government.  There’s an inherent contempt for govt in any form that started with Ronald Reagan back in the 60’s and has become the prevailing wind in the kite of the GOP.  Roll back “job killing” regulations is a popular characterization for rules that stand in the way of Cowboy Capitalism. Regulations in fact, are put in place to protect investors and consumers from the criminal acts of Bernie Madoff and his wall street ilk.  Enron would be another recent example. What is the major difference between a democratically elected government serving the people and “Bain Capital”?  Democracy. Business is autocratic in its structure. Workers don’t get to vote, or even provide input. The decisions for the many are made by the few at the top. Those decisions are enforced without any regard to social consequence. Profit is the prime motivator.  Profit has no social conscience. Profit has no inherent sense of justice.  There is only profit, and nothing else.  What is worse than a businessman in government? One that is ideologically driven to institute repressive policies in the name of religion.  Those are the clear choices we face this election. A president who will complete the wall street takeover of our government, or one willing to consider the working man.  Please help restore the tide that will float all boats, not benefit the privileged few.


About Egg Zackly

Retired amateur pundit.
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