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Vote your personal interest

Vote your personal interest!  I’m not going to mention any candidates by name, just point out what the logical consequences of your vote will be in what could be the most crucial election of this decade. There’s a narrative out … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to be an Agnostic/Atheist

#5. I can prick my finger, and the good Father can’t finger my prick. (props to Carlin!) #4. I can drink, smoke, gamble, and chase sporty gals #3  I don’t have to give 10% of my hard earned money to the … Continue reading

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Bush O’bomney’s Foreign Policy: Bad Will get Much Worse

US Foreign Policy is in shambles and Romney will make it exponentially worse. For decades the US expediently propped up petty tyrants throughout the Middle East fearing the Muslim extremist alternatives (vis-a-vis the state of Israel’s security). The Arab Spring … Continue reading

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