The “Vast” (enter your conspiracy name here) or, It’s not really paranoia if they’re out to get you.

Herman Cain is the latest in a long line of politicians whose peccadilloes have wormed their way into the public eye.   What’s mystifying to me is the hubris and magical thinking it took to convince himself that the opposition research teams wouldn’t dare to air his dirty laundry in what promises to be one of the most negative election cycles in U.S. history.   He and his team discussed it, and supposedly made a spin plan.  What  followed is bumbling at its best.  First,  he  followed the tried and true method of de-nine, de-nine, de-nine; and when that didn’t work, vilified and discredited the victims.   Not to be outdone, Huntsman in typical family values tradition called for Cain to end his campaign  labeling his troubles as a “bimbo eruption.”  Clearly, that will draw women voters to the Republican camp in droves.

Enter the vast left wing conspiracy, some of whom must work in the Perry campaign deep undercover.   It seems upon thorough investigation, that the Machiavellian machinations of the liberals and pinko loonies have unleashed their master plan to undo our hero, Herman Cain.

Herman needs to man up,  fess up, and go home,  which brings me to my wish for today.   I wish that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation be cursed with the inability to lie.   Nothing but the unvarnished truth from now on.

We won’t need term limits.


About Egg Zackly

Retired amateur pundit.
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