I’m what the Brits call “bone idle.” What’s more, I don’t care.  I’m retired and grumpy and in need of a nap.

I started out being an indifferent blogger with little motivation, and have since discovered the trouble with doing nothing is never knowing when I’m finished. There’s no telling what direction the subject matter will be, but I’m pretty sure politics and religion will figure into it prominently.  I’m an unapologetic apostate.  Some might also view me as anti theistic for my advocacy of the absolute separation of church and state and the abolition of all privilege for religion codified in government [i.e. taxes and exemption from safety regulations,et al].  I fully support the right of those who wish to believe whatever they like until it becomes maladaptive to society at large.  For instance, those who choose to devote themselves to Islam are welcome to do so. If their devotion includes the edict that all heretics be beheaded, or that it is permissable to beat your wife, or that ritual genital mutilation is a rite of passage for helpless children, then they have crossed a line for which no civil society should allow.

I’ll accept any dissenting view that isn’t abusive, those believers who feel a sermon bubbling up in them should watch the short and informative video on critical thinking first. If, after that you can’t help yourself, go for it, but don’t be surprised if I take an opportunity to discredit your thinking.


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  1. nextabe says:

    QualiaSoup. Love that vid.

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